Our Products

You won’t find a larger selection of tobacco products and smoking accessories anywhere else in the area. We are stoked to carry unique and specialty items that you can’t find in any other stores.

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Tobacco Products

Pipes. Vapes. Hookahs. Shisha.

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Smoking Accessories

Grinders. Scales. Flasks. Storage.

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Tie Dye Clothing. Jewelry. Band Memorabilia.

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Spiritual Supplies

Crystals. Stones. Candles. Herbs.

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Incense. Oils. Coals. Diffusers.

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Home Decor

Tapestries. Posters. Lava Lamps. Picture Frames.

Our Favorite Brands

We carry an assortment of brands such as JUUL, American Grinder, Medtainer, Special Blue, Hometown Hero, Space Jam, MONQ, Detoxify, Stinger, Rescue Detox, Wild Berry, Zob, and many others.

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